Website Development Process

The following outlines the process Drum Creative uses when developing a website and what the immediate next steps are.

Phase 1: Analyze (Analytics): @1 Weeks

  1. Send This Process Plan to Client (Drum)
  2. Review Analytics by Creative Director – Ben Moffett if available.
  3. Discovery Meeting setup by Account Manager – Joe LaPenna or Dana Goos
    • Review Business and Website Goals with Creative Director – Ben Moffett
    • Report and Review Analytics if available.
    • Whiteboard Session to sketch out pages and functionality needed.
    • Review Website Goals
    • Review Design Inspiration
    • Collect any available content, logos, photography, etc. from client that CLIENT can provide.

Phase 2: Define (Content): @4 Weeks

  1. Create Scope Plan on this development site by Creative Director – Ben Moffett
  2. Build Foundational Wireframes here on this development Site by Creative Director – Ben Moffett based on Discovery Conversations.
  3. Internal Review of Scope Plan and Foundational Wireframes by Content Strategist – Keith Hodges
  4. Train Client to add content to this WordPress Development Website by Creative Director – Ben Moffett
  5. Transfer any existing content to this new development site by CLIENT or Drum 
  6. Collaborate with Client on Content Strategy and Refining of Content between Content Strategist – Keith Hodges and Creative Director – Ben Moffett and Client
  7. Approve Scope Plan, Copy and Wireframes before moving to Design Phase by CLIENT
  8. Approve Refined Estimate if needed due to any possible Scope Plan changes by Account Manager – Joe LaPenna or Dana Goos

Phase 3: Design (Design & Programming): @4 Weeks

  1. Design Home Page Concepts by Creative Director – Ben Moffett
  2. Approve Home Page designs in person if possible by CLIENT.
  3. Design Standard Internal and Custom Internal Page Designs (.ie Portals, Galleries, Shop, Forms, etc) via EMAIL by Drum
  4. Approve Internal Page designs by CLIENT.
  5. Bill for content and Design work completed by Account Manager – Joe LaPenna or Dana Goos
  6. Program approved designs into WordPress for @2 weeks by our Developers – Joel Newcomer or Clifton Canady
  7. Bill for Programming completed by Account Manager – Joe LaPenna or Dana Goos

Phase 4: Activate (Launch): @1-2 Weeks

  1. Perform Internal Quality Control Check by Content Strategist – Keith Hodges
  2. Finish adding balance of content by Client
  3. Perform Visual Check by Client
  4. Program Final punchlist items by Client and perform final test on Browsers and Mobile by our Developers – Joel Newcomer or Clifton Canady
  5. Perform Final Visual Check by Client
  6. Final WordPress Training by Creative Director – Ben Moffett
  7. Launch of Site by our Senior Developer – Joel Newcomer