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Improve your child’s behavior and

reduce your stress as a parent.

As a mom, I feel so much more confident because I’ve had somebody in the trenches with me… alongside me.”


Building Families is an evidenced-based, in-home service that offers practical, hands-on tools to improve your child’s behavior and reduce your stress as a parent. We strive to improve communication and healthy family functioning through the use of tested, proven parenting techniques taught by experienced and passionate professionals. Our team of specialists meets with you in your home, around your family schedule, to provide highly personalized services that are tailored to your unique family needs.


TherapyWhat is a Family Specialist?

A family specialist is a qualified professional, trained in the Teaching Family Model and certified through the Teaching-Family Association.  Your specialist works alongside you to assess your family’s needs and develops a parenting plan that fits your personality and family lifestyle. We emphasize positive parenting principles and teaching, not punishment, as a parenting style. We coach and support you as you develop effective consequences for your child’s problematic behaviors. We will also demonstrate ways to teach your child more appropriate behaviors that he or she needs to know for a more successful future. Building Families believes that every family has the skills and strengths needed to be successful. We work to identify and build upon your family’s strengths to help you meet your goals.

What does the intervention look like?

Building Families emphasizes the unique nature of each family. Therefore, we spend the first one to two weeks getting to know you. We ensure that your concerns are thoroughly understood before the teaching phase begins. After completing a full assessment, your specialist develops a personalized treatment plan with your input. During visits to the home, specialists use family activities, games, role-play, parent assignments, and school- and community-based visits to assess behavior and build skills for both the parent and child.

Your Specialist will spend four to six hours a week in your home, over an eight- to 14-week period of time. Specialists are also on-call to provide assistance should you need support during a time of stress. The intensity and duration of services is based on your family’s needs, and may also include: personalized case management, home and life management skills, and connection to other resources that promote stability and self-sufficiency.



Some skills we can teach children include:

  • Following instructions
  • Accepting “No” for an answer
  • Calming down
  • Accepting consequences
  • Expressing feelings appropriately
  • Managing anger
  • Showing Respect

We help parents develop skills to:

  • Correct misbehavior
  • Give effective consequences
  • Teach appropriate behaviors
  • Establish a family routine
  • Develop behavioral charts and contracts
  • Praise children effectively
  • Teach self-control

How do I request services?

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Any family may be referred to the program, or you may reach out personally to request services. Building Families is generally able to work with families that meet the following criteria:

  • Children between the ages of two to 17 living in the home
  • Parent or guardian with legal custody of the child willing and able to participate
  • Stable home environment in which to meet with the specialist

After receiving a referral or request for services, your specialist schedules an initial meeting to obtain basic information, review your concerns and goals, and determine if our services are appropriate to meet your needs.

Please use the Building Families Referral Form to refer a family or to request the services for your own family.


Want to read a story about a family who participated in the Building Families program?

Libby and her mother fought daily, and her mother didn’t know what to do to turn their relationship around. She heard about the Building Families program and, 12 weeks later, she and her daughter’s relationship was back on track.


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How long will it take to see results?

We believe that every family experiences a unique and often complex set of circumstances leading them to request services. Progress through the intervention depends on your specific goals and the nature of family dynamics at the time you begin services.

Some families begin to see results quickly, as both the parent and child make efforts toward changing past behaviors and implementing more effective patterns of communication. The process of making significant, long-lasting change typically takes several weeks to several months. After completion of the Building Families program, your specialist provides follow-up and the opportunity for refresher services for up to one year. This ensures you are supported as you continue to pursue your family’s goals.

“There was no judgment at all. It can be very intimidating to let someone in your house to see all of your flaws. She [family specialist] loved us for who we are. She met us where we were.”