Family Game NightThornwell’s Building Families program offers an 8-week Parenting Series for families in a variety of communities throughout Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina.

This unique program was created for parents who want to decrease stress in their homes and improve relationships with their children. The small group environment offers a chance to learn new skills, engage in group discussion, and learn through experiencing and exploring alongside your peers.

We invite you to meet other parents in your area, while learning practical skills to:

  • Build self-worth in children
  • Correct misbehavior
  • Explore family morals, values, and rules
  • Encourage positive behavior at home and at school

For more information, or to sign up, please contact your local Family Specialist or see the program calendar for upcoming series and events in your area.

Summary of Workshops

From Point A to Point B: Does your parenting have a flight plan, or are you calling out S.O.S.?

Wouldn’t it be great if babies came home from the hospital with an instruction manual? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Most parents experience confusion over the best parenting strategy and find that in the absence of a plan, they are “winging it” when making tough decisions. But without a plan, how do you know if your parenting strategy is successful? Have you stopped to ask yourself, “What are my goals for my children?” Are there things you could be doing right now to help them grow to be a more successful adult? This thought-provoking workshop helps you identify the qualities you want your child to develop and teach you ways to plan for that future.

Nurtured vs Spoiled: Myths and Facts about Spoiling Your Child

Want to make your children feel like a million bucks? Praise helps children feel good about themselves, but many parents fear that too much positive recognition makes their child conceited or spoiled. As a parent, it can be hard to navigate all the opinions of society, our friends, and even our families. This is especially true when we second-guess our parenting decisions. Have fun and meet other parents in your community while we work together to tease apart all the myths and facts about what REALLY spoils children.

Grown-Ups Need Time-Outs Too! Understanding and Handling Your Stress as a Parent

Do you ever feel tired or stressed out, but aren’t sure how to relax? Stress is a daily part of life for adults and children. This workshop helps you and your family gain a better understanding of the reasons for your stress and tactics to combat it. Connect with other parents in your area, while you learn about common stressors in the lives of parents and healthy coping skills you can use in your own life.

Who’s in Charge? Promoting Personal Power and Preventing Power Struggles

Personal power is all about inner strength and the ability to get our needs met in appropriate ways. But we are not born with this innate ability, and it’s up to parents to create an environment where children learn to use their personal power in a positive way. Meet other parents in your area while you learn about techniques for reducing power struggles and positive parenting strategies to help your child learn healthy personal power.