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Jewell Hollingsworth wants the best for two-year-old Zayden. But she realized that letting a friend watch him while she worked wasn’t allowing Zayden to develop as she wanted him to.

“He didn’t have any interaction with other kids,” Hollingsworth said.

However, Hollingsworth is a single parent and couldn’t afford to put Zayden in daycare. Luckily, she heard about Thornwell’s early head start program. The program is free for eligible families and is designed for children ranging from infants to 36 months old.

The Early Head Start Difference

It didn’t take long for Hollingsworth to tell a significant difference in Zayden’s social and academic skills.

“He’s talking a lot more than he did before the program,” Hollingsworth said. “And he can spell his name already.”

Zayden is in a room with eight other children and two teachers. The teachers interact with the children to help them develop their social skills and plan activities to further help them learn according to their age and ability level.

Hollingsworth, a life-long Clinton resident, knew that Zayden would be well-taken care of at Thornwell.

“Enrolling in the early head start program was a smart thing to do,” she said. “It’s free. It gets the kids the interaction they’re going to need later on.”


Apply Now

The Early Head Start program and the 4K program are two early childhood education programs offered at Thornwell. Both grant-supported programs are free to eligible families, and both are now enrolling.

Please download and print the 2017-2018 First Steps 4K Application (PDF) to apply to the 4K program. For more information about 4K or Early Head Start, please complete the form below or call 864-938-2794.

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