Foster Care Program Staff

Our foster care staff is composed of people just like you. Caring individuals with a heart for helping children in need.

Jonathon Sampson

Jonathon Sampson, a Thornwell foster care staff member, stands in front of the House of PeaceJonathon Sampson worked as a paramedic before coming to Thornwell three years ago. As Jonathon puts it, his career working on an ambulance gave him “the chance to help people and be the hands and feet of Jesus in their time of need.” At the time, Jonathon and his wife, Heidi, lived in western New York, where Jonathon was born and raised.

And, at the time, Heidi, was unhappy with her own job and looked for jobs online. She focused on careers related to foster care since the two had discussed foster care and adoption throughout their marriage. Heidi discovered HouseParent.Net and applied to five group homes, including Thornwell. Jonathon and Heidi looked into Thornwell and were impressed with their programs and the quality of their work. They were sold on Thornwell after traveling nearly 1,000 miles for an interview.

Jonathon put his paramedic career in his rearview mirror and moved to work as a family teacher with Heidi at Thornwell. They brought their golden retriever, Phoebe, with them. In three years, the two were blessed to care for 67 foster children. Jonathon wrote about his experience as a family teacher and continues to share the joys and hardships of foster care in his Wholly Loved blog.

Jonathon’s love for foster care has only grown since he’s been at Thornwell. As a foster care regional recruiter, he hopes to use his knowledge and experience to guide families in upstate South Carolina towards blessing the kids who need it most.


Robert Whitney

Robert Whitney, a Thornwell staff member, stands in front of House of PeaceBefore coming to Thornwell, Robert Whitney started a swing dance organization and managed it as a non-profit for eight years. In fact, Robert met his wife, Kalyn, at a swing dance in Orlando. The two love children and have fostered a boy and two girls during their five years of marriage. Robert and Kayla are dog lovers, too, and have a lab and a German shepherd at their home in Simpsonville, South Carolina.

Robert serves the Upstate of South Carolina as Thornwell’s foster care regional recruiter. In the role, Robert encourages foster care parents and provides them with what they need to succeed. His passion is to make sure that no foster child goes without a family.

Robert is now an advocate of foster care, but this wasn’t always the case. Robert and Kalyn have struggled having kids of their own during their marriage. Kalyn first introduced the idea of fostering, but Robert was reluctant. However, he’s been passionate about foster care since taking foster care classes and immersing himself in foster care life.

Robert and Kalyn attend Simpsonville First Baptist Church. In his pre-foster parent life, Robert traveled to Florida to complete his degree in Youth Ministry from Word of Life Bible Institute in 2007. He then went on to earn his degree in Communications at Spartanburg Community College. Robert has also worked as a realtor in Upstate South Carolina.


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